Institute of Textile Technologies CERTEX issues voluntary "eco5" certificate. Products marked with "eco5" mark under accreditation of Polish Centre for Accreditation AC 175 according to certification program: PRC-4 CERTEX ECO Certyfikacja zgodności – na znak ekologoczny "eco-5" (pdf), of compliance with the criteria of ITT Certex – KT-01-eco-5 Technical criteria of product assessment for "eco5" mark.

We have created technical criteria for the evaluation of textiles for "eco5" mark that include 5 groups of requirements for management of:

  1. purchasing,
  2. manufacture,
  3. quality,
  4. OSH,
  5. environment.

Before issuing the "eco5" certificate, we carry certification process, which has to confirm that:

What do we test?

# Parameter Method of testing
1. Formaldehyde [mg/kg] PN-EN ISO 14184-1:2011
2. pH value PN-EN ISO 3071:2007
3. Heavy - metals [mg/kg]
Arsenic As Atomic absorption spectroscopy method
Lead Pb
Cadmium Cd
Mercury Hg
Nickel Ni [µg/cm2 week] PN-EN 1811:2011
4. Chromium VI Cr(VI) [mg/kg] Colorimetric method
5. Carcinogenic amines released from azo colorants [mg/kg] PN-EN 14362-1:2012
6. Colour fastness [colour change]:
to acidic perspiration PN-EN ISO 105-E04:2013
to alkaline perspiration PN-EN ISO 105-E04:2013
to rubbing dry and wet PN-EN ISO 105-X12:2005
to water PN-EN ISO 105-E01:2013
7. Pilling PN-EN ISO 12945-2:2002 (2000×)
8. Dimensional change after washing [%] PN-EN ISO 5077:2011
9. Pesticides [mg/kg] The chromatographic method
10. Determination of odours The organoleptic method
11. Phthalates [%] The chromatographic method
12. Carcinogenic and allergenic colorants The chromatographic method
13. Pentachlorophenol (PCP) [mg/kg] The chromatographic method
14. Organic tin compounds [mg/kg]:
TBT Gas chromatographic method

Limits depend on the group, to which the product belongs.

Categorisation of products:
GROUP A: textile products and textile toys designed for babies and small children (underwear, rompers, bedding, plush toys, flat textiles products etc.)
GROUP B: textile products used in direct skin contact (underwear and linen, shirts, blouses, dresses, trousers, hosiery, towels and bath products, textile accessories, etc.)
GROUP C: textile products used in direct skin contact (products destined for outerwear: costumes, coats, jackets, decorative products: table linen, curtains, furniture coverings, blankets, duvets, pillows and mattresses, etc.)

You can find details about carrying conformity assessment process in "Conformity assessment programme":

PRC-4 CERTEX ECO Certyfikacja zgodności – na znak ekologoczny "eco-5"

You can find forms in Certification ➔ Documents to download.

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