Voluntary certificates validation 24/7

Below you can find the list of the voluntary certificates data base

In order to obtain information on the validity of ITT CERTEX Ltd. please contact with our office: biuro@ittcertex.pl

Validate the voluntary certificate data base online by the number:

Numer certyfikatu

Each one certificate is secured by:• the QR code allows you to check the validity of the certificate,• the security seal with a unique number for which a separate database is kept.


How to validate the certificate?  

Please enter the certificate No. ITT. into the search engine or scan the QR code on your mobile devise.

How to use the QR code?

Each one certificate issued by the ITT CERTEX is provided with the QR code.The QR code contains the link to the certificate database thanks to which you can check the basic information about the certificate validity as i.e.:• name and identification number of the product certification body;• name and surname or name and address of the certificate holder;• identification of the product (type, model);• identification the reference documents which has been taken into account during the assessment;• the number and expiry date. Who administrate the certificates data base? The database is administered only by ITT CERTEX and only our authorized employees may revise it. How to get the QR code?

Each one ITT CERTEX Client who is the certificate holder receives  electronic QR code - the same one as presented in the certificate /in the following formats: * .png and * .jpg/.  Where the QR code can be placed?The QR code can be placed only on the products which are the subject of the certificate or on their packaging, labels or instructions, as well in advertisements, catalogs or websites.


Why is code handling beneficial?

The information obtained through the ITT CERTEX database allows quick verification the product placed on the market 7/24h. Use the QR code allows you to check the status of the certificate, it’s scope certificate number and it’s expiry date. Caution the data base do not replace the required by other regulation’s documents.   The certificate number and the QR code remain unchanged during the period of validity the certificate and after the renewal, extension or update. For each one certificate of conformity is attached an appendix – with the product conformity assessment report /the number of report is identified in the certificate/.

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